Chasing Wings, the newest book by Richard Modlin, will be available in early December. It describes his encounters with birds and his travels to view the wonders of birds and other creatures in nature.
Softback Only – $16.95
Love the cover? Posters and notecards are available from the artist, Carrie Alderfer.

Malachite Lion

Malachite Lion: A Travel Adventure in Kenya recounts Richard Modlin’s magical journey through East Africa and the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean; an eye-opening book that shows readers East Africa in an entirely new and entertaining light.

Hardback Edition – $45.00

  Limited number of NEW dust-jacketed, autographed First Editions.

Softback Edition – $15.95
Posters and notecards based on the cover are also available from the artist.
Special Offer! Enjoy FREE shipping and handling in the United States on any purchase of Chasing Wings and/or Malachite Lion. Orders will be shipped as soon as they are received.

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